Timeline of exposure to traditional and new media

Timeline created by sartajo
  • PS2

    This was my very first video game console and I played it a lot with my brother.
  • desktop

    I used to have a desktop where I would watch old movies and play games
  • CSGO 1.6

    CSGO 1.6
    This was the first first person shooter game I played
  • PS3

    with this console, I was able to play games like call of duty. I became good at the game and I joined competitions with friends and won some prizes
  • IPod touch

    IPod touch
    This was my first phone and it had little features compared to apple phones now a days
  • IPad

    we had a family Ipad and I played games like minecraft. It had little features as well
  • DVD movies

    DVD movies
    I used to love watching movies as a kid and my mom would always buy new dvd movies when she goes to the market
  • DVD Player

    DVD Player
    We played lots and lots of movies using an old dvd player.
  • Facebook

    My tita created Facebook accounts for me and my cousins. we loved playing games in it like backyard monsters, etc
  • IPad 2

    IPad 2
    After the other Ipad broke, we bought a new one which had more features and could run other games smoother.
  • Samsung S5

    Samsung S5
    Having an android phone was easier for me because I loved games and apple phones did not have the feature to expand storage space
  • Instagram

    I love using Instagram because it shows interesting pictures and photos of my friends and other people.
  • Messenger

    Facebook created messenger and this made conversations easier because it is now all in the phone
  • CSGO

    This is the game I currently play and I enjoy it very much. It teaches me how to be competitive, good strategies, and how to communicate with different cultures
  • Samsung S7

    Samsung S7
    This is my current phone and I came to the point that I really did not want to have the latest phone because I did not see the purpose of spending that much money
  • Lenvovo Ideapad l340 gaming

    Lenvovo Ideapad l340 gaming
    This is my current and first personal laptop and I use it a lot for schoolwork and even for making this timeline right now