• Filled for the first video game patent

    Ralph Bear filled for the first video game patent
  • First video game sold

    The Oddesy was the first home entertainment video game sold in the the summer of 1972
  • Video game patent accepted

    In 1973 the first video game patent was accepted
  • Video game crash

    in 1983 the video game indistry under went a horrible tragedy. The video game market crash because of to many consoles in the market. And not only that for all of the console they had they also had hundreds of bad game including the infamous E.T.
  • Nintendo was release

    In 1985 the game console Nintendo was released
  • Gameboy was released

    The Nintendo Gameboy was released.This introduced taking your game any where you wanted.
  • ESBR created

    in Febuary 3, 1994 the ESBR was introduced to gameing because of the fact that violent games were being sold to minors such as Mortal Combat.
  • Internet for gaming systems

    Sega introduced internet for the first game system to be released. making you able to serf the internet.
  • Satoshi Tajiri

    Satoshi Tajiri created the well known game Pokemon.
  • The unreal engine was created.

    The uinrel engine was brought to life. This helps developers develope their game more quickly and easily.
  • Ps4 release

    The Ps4 was released introducing social media and sharing to the gaming world.