Prophecy of the Sisters by: Michelle Zink-Fiction-343

  • Pages read: 1-21

    The book starts out in the late 1800's with the characters Lia, Alice, and their family. Lia and Alice are twins and they have a little brother too. Their father had just passed away so they are currently living with their aunt since their mother is also dead. The girls (specifically Lia) feel as though their mother was keeping secrets from them since she was acting strange before her death so Lia goes to her mother's dark room to search for anything odd that she may find about her mother.
  • Pages read: 23-65

    Ever since Lia has noticed strange things happening with her sister, Alice, she has been curious about it so she "investigates". It's almost as if Alice is doing a ritual in her mother's study. Alice has been getting to other people about it to help her find answers. Lia caught her talking to James about finding a special book in their father's library. Then one day, Lia, Alice, and two others go to a fortune tellers house and she tells them to leave because something is after Alice and Lia.
  • Pages read: 66-102

    From here, Lia tries to go deeper into the mystery and discovers theories and facts that will change her life forever. Lia is somewhat of a gatekeeper to protect secrets and ideas from the evil out there in the world. Alice is evil though, she's communicating and inviting the evil in. The fortune teller also explains to Lia that there is an evil creature after her and her sister, more of a demon. Lia also realizes that the fortune teller and her friend are apart of it all too.
  • Pages read: 103-164

    Things have been getting more strange and Lia is becoming more curious. She has been having more meetings with Sonia and Luisa since they are also apart of all of this. Lia has been finding out more shocking news as she goes along and soon, she figures out that her Aunt Virginia know's all about what is happening. So she talk's to her Aunt and Lia learns that she may not be the guardian but instead the gatekeeper.
  • Pages read: 165-207

    Lia has been worried about what she might be. She realizes that the medallion she carries has been changing her to feeling more evil and it lours danger to her. So she tries to get rid of it by throwing it into a river, but then it happens to get back her to again somehow. More evil spirits have been the cause of this. Then, Sonia explains to her that the spirirts are trying to contact her and bring into their world.One evil spirirt wants his hands on Lia, and his name is Samael.