• luesana perchase

    monroe signed a treety giving luesiana to the U.S in exchange for 15,000,000$
  • expolarers set out once more.

    the expolers traveled up the missisppi rivier hopeing top get to the rockey MTNS.
  • oregon

    oregon was clammed by 4 nations. russia,spain,great briiten. U.S
  • ameriaca setlers

    Stephan F. Austin made his fathers dreem when he founded a colony in texes
  • new passege

    jedediah smith a youg fure trapper found a better way to pass through the americans.
  • russia

    russa agreed to limit there terriotory in oregon.
  • alamo

    a large part iof san ontonia army reached texes. and tghey fought the setlers for 12 days.
  • texas

    texas was admitted as the 28th state
  • mormons

    wagon train of pioners heading west in search of a new home.
  • chinerse

    pooor and hungry chinese peasents tried to mine gold
  • gold rush

    tens of thopusands gold seekers from around the world had joind the california gold rush
  • gold mining

    mexicans introduced the americans the gold pan.
  • gold rush ends

    the gold ruash was over whiole it lasted 250,000 people fludded into california
  • chinese travel

    20,000 chinese ventured across pacific california
  • miner

    a prosecetor named henery cumstock was lokking for gold in navada