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Project Gemini 3

  • Orbit Decided

    Orbit Decided
    The Gemini Project Office announced that the mission would make 3 orbits.
  • Crew Selected

    Crew Selected
    Grissom and Young were selected to man mission.
  • Assembly and Test completed

    Assembly and Test completed
    Completed final assembly and systems test.
  • The launch

    The launch
    Project Gemini was launched in Cape Canaveneral, Florida .
  • Illegal sandwich aboard

    Illegal sandwich aboard
    The crew snuck a cornbeef sandwich on board the mission. The crew got in trouble for this when they returned to earth. The crumbs could have messed up the electronics on board.
  • The Landing

    The Landing
    The crew landed after 3 orbits which lasted 4 hours, 52 minutes and 31 seconds. They landed 84 kilometers short of the intended splashdown point.