Project 4

Timeline created by Alex09
  • Roosevelt's 3rd Term

    Roosevelt's 3rd Term
    Franklin was the president at the time. He impacted the us conically by passing bills the would help the people with money such as the GI Bill.
  • Office of Price Administration

    Office of Price Administration
    This was money control. This would affect the economy because it would help the prices for things like goods and rent from rising to high after the war.
  • Mount Rushmore

    Mount Rushmore
    This was the carving of four presidents faces. This affected the US economically because it cost a lot of money to pay all the workers to carve the faces. Their also were expenses for the needed tools in total in today's money it took about 17 million dollars.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    This was an attack by the Japanese on Americans. This affected Americans economically because they needed to recover from all the damage that was done to them in the attack.
  • Office of War Mobilization

    Office of War Mobilization
    This was the communication of war and citizens about the news. This would impact the economy because as more citizens were involved and knew more about the war they would want to help. They would help with war production which would led to more jobs and resources for the military.
  • War Production Board

    War Production Board
    This was the production for war materials. This impacted the United States economically because they would need to produce the resources for war and pay the workers who made them.
  • GI BIll

    GI BIll
    This bill was passed to help war veteran when they came from war. The bill would affect the US economy by providing a lot of money to war veterans to go to collage when they came back so that the unemployment rate would not rise.
  • Microwave oven

    Microwave oven
    The microwave oven that about every single household has was invented in 1946 after WWIi. this has such a big economic impact because, at that time a microwave oven made cooking so much easier, and made it to where everyone wants to have one. So lots of people started buying them.

    This was the first computer in the United States. This computer was nothing like what we have today, it was a big machine. This affected the US economically because all the resources they used cost a lot of money and especially for how big the computer it was.
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    The research for nuclear bombs. This the United States economically because the it needed a lot fund for research to create and make the nuclear bombs. They also needed to pay all the workers who would work in the project.
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