Project 3: Girls Generation.

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  • Name's origin

    Name's origin
    The group's name is derived from the 1989 Lee Seung-Chul song "Girls' Generation"
  • Pre-Debut: First version

    Pre-Debut: First version
    In 2005, after debuting Super Junior, SM Entertainment decided to create its female counterpart.
    He gathered 11 trianees: Lee Yeon Hee, Hwang Bo Ra, Bae Seok Bin, Zhang Li Yin, Jessica, Kim Hyo Yeon, Kwon Yu Ri, Choi Soo Young, Im Yoon Ah, Seo Joo Hyun (Seohyun) and Kim Ye Jin.
  • Pre-Debut: Second version

    Lee Yeon Hee, Hwang Bo Ra, Bae Seok Bin, Zhang Li Yin and Kim Ye Jin were removed from the group, but 5 other trainees were introduced:(Seo Hyun Jin, Park So Yeon, Stella Kim, Jang Ha Jin, Lee Hwan Hee) thus leaving 11 Girls again and the leadership belonging to Seo Hyun Jin.
  • Pre-Debut: Third version

    Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Hwan Hee were removed from the group, but Stephanie Hwang (Tiffany) and Kim Tae Yeon entered their places, passing the leadership to So Yeon.
  • Pre-Debut: Fourth Version

    Stella Kim and Jang Ha Jin were removed from the group, but Lee Hwan Hee was re-inserted and Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny) along with Heo Chan Mi were introduced to the group, thus becoming 12 girls.
  • Pre-Debut: Last version

    Pre-Debut: Last version
    So Yeon withdrew from the group as the training was too hard. Lee Hwan Hee and Chan Mi were removed from the group, finally leaving 9 girls.
    They were mainly trained in singing and dancing, as well as acting and modeling.
  • Official announcement

    Official announcement
    SM Entertainment announced the launch of a new girl group made up of nine members (high school students) and would debut under the name Girls' Generation, they unveiled one by one.
  • Debut 'Into The New World'

    Debut 'Into The New World'
    Her official debut was on August 5, 2007, on the Inkigayo music program. Her debut single was "Into The New World" (다시 만난 세계). They appeared on Inkigayo, from MBC: Show! Music Core, and from KBS: Music Bank.
  • First Album 'Girls' Generation "(소녀 시대)

    First Album 'Girls' Generation "(소녀 시대)
    In the fall of 2007, the group released their first album titled "Girls 'Generation" (소녀 시대), whose title track is "Girls' Generation" (cover by Lee Seung Chul), being a hit for the group; The album has sold 121,143 copies to date!
  • 2nd single: "Kissing You"

    2nd single: "Kissing You"
    In early 2008, Girls' Generation began promoting their 2nd single from their album, "Kissing You". This song reached # 1 on three of the biggest music shows like "Inkigayo", "Mnet Countdown!" and "Music Bank".
  • First Mini álbum: "Gee"

    First Mini álbum: "Gee"
    Interest in the song began after the digital release. The song was also # 1 on all music charts in just 2 days.
  • First World Tour

    First World Tour
    The group announced their first solo tour, with two dates in Korea in December and elsewhere in Asia. Tickets for Korea sold out in 3 minutes.
  • Second Mini Album 'Genie (Tell me Your Wish)

    Second Mini Album 'Genie (Tell me Your Wish)
    SM Entertainment announced that the group would return with a new mini album featuring a "sailor" look as a concept.
  • LG & snsd: "Chocolate Love"

    LG & snsd: "Chocolate Love"
    Girls Generation, along with f (x), released a digital single called "Chocolate Love" for the 4th edition of the LG blacklabel CYON phone series, "Chocolate".
  • Single: "Oh!"

    Single: "Oh!"
    As of March 11, photos of the members were posted online showing a dark concept called "Black Girls Generation". The "Black SoShi" is the nickname given to the group.
  • Third Mini Album 'Hoot'

    Third Mini Album 'Hoot'
    On December 9, 2010, the group attended the Golden Disk Awards, where they were awarded three awards including the Disk Daesang (Album of the Year) for their 2nd album Oh !. The group also became the first to have a Disk Daesang and a Digital Daesang, having received one in 2009 after their hit "Gee".
  • Acknowledgments

    The immense popularity of the group in their native country gave them the title of "Singers of the Nation" and "Female Group of the Nation".
  • Jessica's departure

    Jessica's departure
    Suddenly the agency decided to remove Jessica from the group, since she had decided to be a designer and move away from snsd.
  • Single: 'Party'

    Single: 'Party'
    Party 'achieved 4.5 million visits in less than 24 hours, breaking its own record with' I GOT A BOY 'which had obtained 3.5 million in just 24 hours.
  • Holiday night

    In early July 2017, it was announced that Girls' Generation would release their sixth studio album in August 2017 to commemorate the group's 10th anniversary, but upon completion of this; three more members left the group
  • Possible return

    Possible return
    After several years of inactivity, a possible comeback has been speculated