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    Homestead act

    This was when te US was rapidly expanding west and had to advertise for people to come. So they decided to give people 160 acres of government land. This helped boost the economy and make plenty of opportunities for immigrants.
  • John D Rockefeller found oil

    John D Rockefeller, a successful business man in the oil industry. He founded standard oil, the saem year one we use today. He also created the first oil trust in this year
  • Andrew Carnegie Founds Carnegie Steel

    When carnegie founded this company in Pennsylvania and dominated other businesses it caused a ripple in the steel industry. This decision to found his company eventually cause him to become the biggest steel monopoly
  • depression of 1873

    When European and American investors began to sell off stocks in American investments. These investments mainly included railroads. The inability to create railroads and transport goods cause the biggest depression in American history.
  • Great railroad strike

    Beginning in 1877 this strike was hard working Americans putting their foot down. Refusing to work and complete the railroads in desire of better working conditions, better pay and better hours. This became on the largest protests in American history.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    With the rise of anti Chinese people on the rise and Americans wanting their jobs back. The government decided to pass this law that limited Chinese people. Along with limiting their ability to work.
  • American Labor Federation

    This federation was an attempt to give citizens more rights and power. Created by the people and for the people with Samuel Gompers elected as first president of the federation.
  • Andrew Carnegie Makes The Gospel Of Wealth

    The Gospel Of Wealth was a book that was created for the rich. It more less a guideline of their societal responsibilities with the wealth that they acquired.
  • The Panic of 1893

    Following the rapid economic growth from the gilded age. The Americans suffered from a failed crop season which caused a panic. Another reason was because banks were scared and rushed to withdraw money from the bank causing everyone to have bad credit.
  • Pullman Strike

    With company owner George Pullman announcing wage cuts and refusing too. lower rent outburst struck. Violent protests that required the national guard to be called took place. It was a nation wide protest even though it Mainly happened in Chicago. People all throughout the US refused to use Pullmans sleeping cart.