Project 1 Sources

  • "Health Consequences of Obesity in Youth: Childhood Predictors of Adult Disease" by William H. Dietz

  • "Obesity in Children and Young People: A Crisis in Public" by Tom Lobstein, Louise Baur, and Ricardo Uauy

  • "Linking Obesity and Activity Level with Children's Television and Video Game Use" by Elizabeth A. Vandewater, Mi-suk Shim, and Allison G. Caplovitz

  • "Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, and the Metabolic Syndrome Among US Adults" by Earl S. Ford

  • "Associations of Leisure-time Internet and Computer Use with Overweight and Obesity, Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors: Cross-Sectional Study" by Corneel Vandelanotte, Takemi Sugiyama, Paul Gardiner, and Neville Owen

  • "Front Cover, Volume 1, Number 3. December 2010" by Cynthia Ogden, Molly M. Lamb, Margaret D. Carroll, and Katherine M. Flegal