Progression of management

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  • Taylorism

    The Taylor Society published a revised and updated. This was really the first movement or act of scientific management.
  • Elton Mayo

    Elton Mayo
    Elton started to question the principles of scientific management. He concluded that human factors were more critical to motivating employees to greater levels of productivity.
  • Organization develoment

    Organization develoment
    Kurt Lewin launches the research center for group dynamics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Hierarchy of needs

    Hierarchy of needs
    Maslow published a book that explains motivation and personality.
  • Hygiene and Motivational Factors

    Hygiene and Motivational Factors
    Fredrick Herzberg developed a list of factors that are kind of related to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. But this is more closely related to work.
  • Theory x and Theory y

    Theory x and Theory y
    Douglas Mcgregor's theory state the policies of most jobs.
  • Management Grid

    Management Grid
    Robert Blake and Jane Mouton develop a model that shows management styles ad relations.
  • Performance Technology

    Performance Technology
    Tom Gilbert wrote a book. This book describes the behavioral-engineering model that became the 'bible' of technology performance. This book was called Human Competence Engineering Worthy Performance.
  • Learning Organization

    Learning Organization
    Peter Senge popularized the Learning Organization in the Fifth Discipline. He describes the organization as an organism with the capacity to enhance its capabilities and shape its future.
  • Motivation

    The concept has been around since 1990 but it was researched more thoroughly by Edward Deci.