Proclamation of 1763 timeline. Ellie and Maya

  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    This was passed after an a Native American, Pontiac and hisforces attacked forts along the frontier. The British did not want another war so they puta limit on how far the colonists could move west. This act drew a line going north tosouth down the Appalachian mountains and said the colonists could not pass the linewithout permission of the British.
  • The Proclamation Reaction

    One of the biggest things this cause was no more frontier colonial expansion. But the colonists didn’t like it because they already had land west where they weren’t allowed to go. This also made the royals more in control of the land they gained from the Native Americans. So instead of them listening and following the new rules and regulations they ignored them.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    This act put a three-cent tax on foreign refined sugar. It also increasedtaxes on coffee, indigo, and certain wines. Rum and French wines could not be imported. Thesetaxes were raised without the consent of the colonists.
  • The Sugar Act Reaction

    They were scared, they thought that this took their basic rights. A lawyer, James Otis said that they shouldn’t be taxed by the parliament because they had no say in the parliament. The colonists were starting to get mad, the New York legislature said that there would be no more happiness, liberty, or security now that their colonial life was being interfered with.
  • Currency act

    Currency act
    The currency act gave Britain control of the colonistscurrency system. This act banned the use of paper money in the colonies. Parliamentdecided to use a “hard currency” instead
  • Currency act

    Didn't think it was fair to abolish their currencies and impose the Pound as the only acceptable form of money. They protested against it. Plus it made it so it was hard to trade and it made england in more control.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    he stamp act was the first British tax on American Colonists.Every newspaper, pamphlet, and any other public and legal document had to have a stamp ofbritish seal on it.
  • The Stamp Act Reaction

    Even though it wasn’t meant to anger the colonists it did because they saw it was a threat to their rights and liberty, and now Britain is using their money for a military establishment. By being taken directly they thought it was in a way land being taken away from them with out their say. So because of the stamp act people started to boycott British goods, or they just wouldn’t buy or use stamps because they wanted it to end.
  • quartering act

    quartering act
    This act said that colonial assembly was supposed toprovide the basic needs for soldiers in their borders. Items that they needed to supplywere bedding, cooking utensils, firewood, alcohol, cider, and candles. Later the act saidthat the colonists need to give the soldiers taverns and unocupie
  • quartering act

    Colonists reacted by refusing to not house the British, causing a war. This later caused tension between of the people living in the Thirteen Colonies and the government in London.
  • declaratory act

    declaratory act
    This act was passed when they repealed the stampact. The declaratory act stated that parliament could make whatever law the wanted onthe American Colonies.
  • declaratory act

    There wasn't a big reaction becuase the stamp act was just stopped so they in a way agreed to i they knew it had to be done. But some people were upset becuase this made it seem like some other acts were comeing this angerd some people they didn't agree with it at all.
  • townshend acts

    townshend acts
    The townshend named for Charles Townshend, a BritishTreasurer. One of the townshend acts was the Revenue act. The Revenue act statedthat there would be taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. It also legalized writs ofassistance. Writs of assistance were warrants that gave officers the right to enteranyplace to look for evidence of smuggling.
  • townshend acts

    The Acts led to outrage among the colonists and helped spark the liberty seizure and riots of 1768. They had many different riots with different slogans and some men were smuggaling things into the colonies. The "the sons of liberty" were a big support of the boycott.
  • The Tea Act Reaction

    They didn’t like it at all they thought again it was just a way for Britain to get them mad. So to show them they were upset about the taxes on their tea they had the boston tea party, where they dressed up as Mohawk Indians and threw hundreds of chests of tea in the ocean. They dressed up as Indians so they wouldn’t know it was the colonists, but one man turned himself in so they figured out who participated in it.
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    this act said that American colonists could not buy tea unless itcame from the East India Company. This is because the East Indian Company was notdoing very well and the British wanted to give the company more business. Thislowered the price for tea but the colonists were made that they could not buy fromanyone else.
  • Intolerable Act

    Intolerable Act
    The intolerable acts were a bunch of laws that were sponsered by theBritish Prime Minister Lord North. They were passed in 1774 after the boston tea party.These laws were the Impartial Administration or Justice Act, Massachussets BayRegulating Act, Boston Port Act, Quartering Act, and the Quebec act.
  • Intolerable Act

    This made was a big outrage and people we not happy. But they did this for a reason they wanted to teach them a lesson for what happend in the boston tea party. They thought this was just another thing that was violating their reights so they and in 1774 they organized the First Continental Congress to coordinate a protest.
  • quebec act

    quebec act
    This act gave quebec a governor, appointed council,religious freedom for Roman Catholics, and the use of the French civil code. It waspassed to try to resolve the problem of making the colony a British colony and tried tobuild a French-Canadian loyalty to Britain. It also extended the borders of Quebec.
  • quebec act

    The colonist believed the Quebec Act was especially obnoxious and it really angered the the anti catholics but it was just another thing that didn’t help the come of the colonists were really upset saying it gave right to some people and not others.