Privite Games by James Patterson, Fiction, 428 pages

  • Chapter 49-51 7pages

    Knight and other Private inverstagaters find that Doctor Selena Ferrals computor held the document used to display on the OLYMPIC SHAM EXPOSED. Meanwile Cronus is sending the second letter to Karen Pope of The Sun being very carful not to get any DNA on it. Next we find Knight at the womans diving compititon where we are introduced to a diver Hunter Pierce.
  • Chapters 51-55 14 pages

    Knight and Pope watch Peirce's diving and she takes the gold. We also find out that the skin cells from the first letter belong to "Indiana Jones" or more known as Dr. James Daring. And we see two of the three Furies Petra the middle one and Teagan the youngest. When we see them they are entering the Olympic Statiom.
  • Chapters 55-64 29 pages

    This whole section of the book is about Petra and Teagan's murders. They are both assigned people from the Chineese team. Petra takes the coach- Goa Ping and the assistent coach-An Wu. Teagen takes the head of the chineese gymnastic association or the CGA- Win Bo Lee. Knight figures out its the two and tires to go after them, but the Furies make there escape in the water of River Lea. And ends with Pottersfeild debreafing Knight and Jack London owner and head of Private.
  • 27 Sep 2012, Chapters 64-69 22 pages. 73 pages total.

    This section of the book is about Peter and Elaine searched the bathroom and found the descises and allias' Also about Karen Pope reciving yet another letter from Cronus.
  • 28 Sep 2012, Chapters 70-78 33 pages. 106 pages total.

  • 1 Oct 2012, Chapters 78-82 15 pages. 121 pages total

  • Chapters 82-87 18 pages. 139 pages total

  • Chapters87-98 36 pages. 175 pages total

  • Chapters 98-103 15 pages. 190 total

  • Chapters 103-109 22 pages. 212 pages total

  • Chapters 109-116 20 pages. 232 pages total

  • Chapters 116-121 37 pages. 269 total

    End of this book.