Printing Press

  • May 15, 618

    First Printing

    First Printing
    The T'ang Dynasty did the first printing in China and used ink on mcarved wooden blocks.
  • May 15, 868

    Diamond Sutra

    Diamond Sutra
    Diamond sutra is printed
  • May 15, 1241

    Printed books

    Printed books
    Koreans print books using moveable type
  • May 15, 1309

    Paper Making

    Paper Making
    Europeans make paper
  • May 15, 1390

    Papermills open in Germany

    Papermills open in Germany
  • May 15, 1452

    The use of metal plates

    The use of metal plates
    Metal Plates are being used; Guetenberg is printing his Bible
  • May 15, 1457

    Color Printing

    Color Printing
    Color printing is done by FUst and Schoeffer
  • May 15, 1476

    Gutenberg in use

    Gutenberg in use
    WIlliam Caxton uses Gutenberg printing press in England
  • May 15, 1501

    Italic in use

    Italic in use
    Italic type first used
  • May 15, 1550


    Wallpaper is introduced in Europe.
  • American Colonies

    American Colonies
    First papermill opens in the American Colonies
  • Iron Printing

    Iron Printing
    Iron printing press is invented
  • Rotary Printing

    Rotary Printing
    Rotary printing press is invented by Napier
  • Electrotyping

    Electrotyping is invented
  • Cylinder Press

    Cylinder Press
    Cylinder press is invented by Richard Hoe; Can print 8,000 sheets per hour
  • New material

    New material
    Paper is now mass-manufactured from wood pulp
  • Offset Lithography

    Offset Lithography
    Offset Litography becomes common. First comic book is published.
  • Silk Screening

    Silk Screening
    Commercial silk screening is invented
  • Phototype setting

    Phototype setting
    Phototype setting is made possible
  • 3D printer

    3D printer
    3D printer is invented by Charles Hull