Prince of Persia

  • Prince of Persia

    Prince of Persia
    Released for the Apple IIe Prince of persia was visually stunning. Utilizing rotoscoping, the animation was quite amazing for the time. The Apple IIe is an 8-bit system.
  • The Shadow and the Flame

    The Shadow and the Flame
    Released for ms-dos The second in the series was much like the first using rotoscoping. They would later release this game on the super nintendo a 16-bit system.
  • 3d

    Created for windows operating system. This was a 3d animated "tomb raider clone". Considered a failure and a disappointment. Controls were buggy and animation was traditional. source:
  • Sands of Time

    Sands of Time
    Released via ubisoft for the ps2 Sands of Time was a considerable success especially compared to the previous.
    The animation was 3d and looked great. The ps2 was a 64 bit operating system. source:
  • Forgotten Sands

    Forgotten Sands
    Released on the ps3 with additional motion controls. Animation is 3d and motion capture. The ps3 is a 256 mg graphics system.