Pretty Little Liars

  • The Pilot

    The Pilot
    About the pilotSpencer's, Aria's,Hanna's,and Emily's best friend Alison has been missing for a year and her body was finally found. A little bit befor each of them have been recieving texts from someone named -A and this person is threatining to reveal their darkest secrets.
  • The Jenna Thing

    The Jenna Thing
    In this episode it reveals what the liars accedently did to Jenna Marshall and she makes an appearance in the show.
  • To Kill a Mocking Girl

    To Kill a Mocking Girl
    Alison's memorial is created, Emily makes friends with Toby, Jenna's stepbrother.
  • Can you hear me now

    Can you hear me now
    The liars try to block -A's text messages
  • Reality Bites Me

    Reality Bites Me
    When the liars try to block out -A it back fires and now they have to face a penalty.
  • There is no place like homecoming

    There is no place like homecoming
    Trying to deal with heart break and a shoking date at homecoming the liars find some interesting news about -A
  • Homecoming Hangover

    Homecoming Hangover
    In the aftermath of the disastrous homecoming the liars try to piece together whats left behind.
  • Please, don't talk about me when i'm gone

    Please, don't talk about me when i'm gone
    When the day of Alison's memorial arrives the girls are ready to make their speaches the alison's brother arrives and takes over.
  • The Perfect Storm

    The Perfect Storm
    When a day of SATs happen a violent storm blows threw Rosewood.
  • Keep Your Friends Close

    Keep Your Friends Close
    New evidence of Alison's death brings the FBI to town,Mona throws a party and the girls plan to catch -A.
  • Moments Later

    Moments Later
    After Hanna was hit by -A with a car the liars learn this is more then just a game.
  • Careful What You Wish For

    Careful What You Wish For
    When the school is having a dance-a-thon the liars have a lot more on their minds.
  • Salt Meets Wound

    Salt Meets Wound
    Hanna returns from the hostipal, the girls have tensions at a party.
  • know Your Frenemies

    know Your Frenemies
    The liars have relationship problems and face obsticales.
  • At First You Don't Suceed. Lie Lie Again

    At First You Don't Suceed. Lie Lie Again
    The liars try to continue their normal lives, but even dating and school stuff has strife.
  • Je Suis Une Amie

    Je Suis Une Amie
    A crucial swim meet causes the liars to face big problems.
  • The New Normal

    The New Normal
    With -A around it is just another normal day for the liars.
  • The Bad Seed

    The Bad Seed
    The liars suspisions grow and they start wondering who they can trust.
  • A Person Of Interest

    A Person Of Interest
    Information about spobyA shocking revulation from the police lands the spotlight on the 4 liars. Spencer and Toby have their first kiss.
  • Someone To Watch Over Me

    Someone To Watch Over Me
    The liars find out that they are not the only one hiding things in Rosewood.
  • Monster In The End

    Monster In The End
    For the liars keeping secrets is second nature what happens when the secrets become a burden.
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    Recap of season 1In the season finally the liars find out more to the truth but will it cost one of the liars her life.
  • season 2

    season 2
    Recap of season 2The liars find out they only can trust each other when everyone in town thinks they are murderers and their parents send them to therapy and -A is there to.
  • Season 3

    Season 3
    Spoilers for Season 3. Coming SoonThe liars can relax now that -A is locked up tight ...or so they think.