Present Day Timeline

By bknous
  • Preserve Cultural ways of life

    Premier Maurice Duplessis ruled Quebec who assured French-speaking Quebec people to preserve their cultural ways of life which is a huge part of the equality we have between French and English now. (1940s-1950s)
  • Oil is first struck

    After drilling 133 dry holes they finally struck oil, this was the start of a new era which we still to this day use in our everyday life and depend on it for things such as jobs.
  • Colombo Plan

    Canada helped create the Colombo Plan which made wealthier countries promise to help the poorer ones, this Plan helped our countries be able to lean on each other for help and made it possible for the poorer countries to stay afloat.
  • Middle Power

    Canada began calling themselves a "Middle Power" because they weren't the biggest and not the smallest between all countries but they believed their huge partake in the war made them at least a Middle Power. This has made an impact by making Canada have the power it has now, by working hard for their power they slowly worked their way up.
  • Population explodes

    Population exploded in this years which is why it was known as the "baby boom" years. After the war was over everyone was having bigger families, this is when almost 4 million babies were born. This boom is what populated Canada to become a big enough country to make the impact it does now.
  • Multicultural Nation

    These years Canada opened up to new tastes and styles, this made Canada a multicultural nation which is now what makes it so welcoming to everyone, even with different backgrounds. (1950s-1960s)
  • War Erupted

    After war erupted over the control of the Suez Canal in Egypt, Lester Pearson led the way in creating the first United Nations peacekeeping force, not long after General E.L.M Burns led the peacekeepers to stand between warring sides. This was a huge moment in history that made Canada seem more independent and willing for peace which is what has made it easier for other countries to want to be allies.
  • Louis St Laurent

    After being voted in, in 1958 Louis St Laurent was voted out with the Liberal party so that Canadians could elect a Prime Minister that believed in every background could share "One Canada" This was a big part in Canada's history as it was one of the first steps to allowing more change and diversity in Canada.
  • Confederation

    FLQ Bombs began exploding in mailboxes and office buildings to try and force a new version of Confederation. This was the push the government needed to begin looking into new ideas as they didn't want the streets to be "filled with blood"
  • Musicians

    Musicians became popular and international celebrities, this included the Beatles who became super popular in 1963 and are still known to this day as a break through in the music industry.
  • Women in the workforce

    There were as many women in the workforce as there had been during World War II, this made the women rights movement to push the government into studying the status of women in Canada. This is what makes what us woman do today, if the movement did not fight for the woman they would not be working they would still be in their traditional ways of life which meant staying home and the men being the beadmakers.
  • Confederation

    Pierre Elliot Trudeau took over and was working hard to push Confederation as he believed all French and English speakers should be equal. With him fighting for the equality is why we now have availability to each.
  • Oil Stops

    The Arab countries who produced oil for Canada suddenly stopped which caused a recession. This was the first of many recessions and is the reasoning for why we continue to have these recessions.
  • Vote

    The Canadians took a vote for whether they wanted to break Canada up or not, the vote ended with no separation which is the reason that Quebec is still part of Canada.