Prengnancy and Prenatel Development.

  • Period: to

    Pregnancy TimeSpan

  • Month 1

    Month 1
    Mom- Miss her period
    Baby-The heart begins to beat.
  • Month 2

    Month 2
    Mom-Breast begin to swell
    Baby- Face,eyes,ears, and limbs take shape.
  • Month 3

    Month 3
    Mom-Breast become firmer and fuller may ache.
    Baby-Fingers and toes almost complete.
  • Month 4

    Month 4
    Mom-abdomen contiunes to grow slowly.
    Baby-Facial features become clearer.
  • Month 5

    Month 5
    Mom-Slight fetal movements felt.
    Baby- Teeth contuine to develop.
  • Month 6

    Month 6
    Mom-weight gain by the beginning of this month may total 10-12 pounds.
    Baby-Breathing movements begin.
  • month 7

    month 7
    Mom-Increased size may affect posture.
    Baby-Periods of sctivity fellowed by periods of rest and quiet.
  • Month 8

    Month 8
    Mom-Fatel kicks may disturb the mother's rest.
    Baby-Moves into a head-down position.
  • Month 9

    Month 9
    Mom-False labor pains may be experienced.
    Baby-Descends into pelvis, ready for birth.
  • The birth of the baby!

    The birth of the baby!
    Mom-She gives birth.
    Baby-The baby is brought in the world.