Timeline created by Ana Paola Apodaca
  • 2,019 BCE

    1st month

    1st month
    mother changes
    Frequent desire to pee.
    feeling tired
    baby changes
    the liver, the kidneys, the lungs begin to form
  • 2nd month

    2nd month
    mom changes
    decreased appetite, burning and constipation
    baby changes
    he had a neuronal closure
    bladder, stomach and rectum are developed
  • 5th month

    5th month
    mom changes
    the movements of the fetus begin to be felt
    baby changes
    rapid growth of the fetus
    in women the uterus forms
  • 6th month

    6th month
    mom changes
    the uterus continues to grow and pains increase
    baby changes
    increase weight and begin to accumulate
  • 4th month

    4th month
    mom changes
    decrease vomiting and disgust
    the uterus and chest are still on the rise
    baby changes
    hey mother's voice
    moves free mind
  • 3rd month

    3rd month
    mom changes
    month of major abortion opeligro
    increase blood volume
    baby changes
    the fetal beats are heard
  • 7th month

    7th month
    mom changes
    the uterus grows quickly
    take care of the calcium in the diet
    baby changes
    the lungs fulfill their function
    increases bone mass
  • 8th month

    8th month
    mom changes
    the abdomen hardens
    the uterus continues to grow
    baby changes
    soft and flexible bones
    cerebrum continues to grow
  • 9th month

    9th month
    mom changes
    increased worry about childbirth
    baby changes
    the skin is bluish or bluish pink