Timeline created by Monserratt
  • First Trimester

  • Weeks 1-4

    Weeks 1-4
    -Baby begins to take shape
    -Specialized parts of body begin to develop
    -It is still a bundle of celld put together
    -red blood cells from yolk sac (circulatoy system)
    -protection for the baby
  • Weeks 5-8

    Weeks 5-8
    -Heart and Circulatory system
    -Face begins to take shape
    -Brain forms
    -Arms, Legs, Eye, Jaws, Tail
    -Hand with Fingers
  • Weeks 9-13

    Weeks 9-13
    -Now looks like a human
    -Building of Muscles
    -Build of bones and cartilage
    -Size of a peach
    -Finger prints
  • Second Trimester

  • Weekds 13-17

    Weekds 13-17
    -Eye cover up the eye
    -All main parts of face and body are well made up
    -Baby is now moving limbs greatly
  • Weeks 18-21

    Weeks 18-21
    -Fetus weighs about 10 to 11 ounces
    -Lanugo is around baby
    -Skalp is hard
    -Skin is resistant
  • Weeks 21-24

    Weeks 21-24
    -Fetus will weight about two pounds
    -Back bone will be over 9 inches
    -Skin is red and wrincled
  • Third Trimester

  • Weeks 25-28

    Weeks 25-28
    -Eyelashes form
    -Eyeslids partially open
    -2 ¼ pounds
    -10 inches
    -genitals begin to come out
    -Starts to generate fat
  • 29-35 Weeks

    29-35 Weeks
    -Nervous system develops
    -Absorbs vital nutrients
    -Detects light
    -Protective coat thickens
  • Weeks 35-41

    Weeks 35-41
    -Organs are ready to function on their own
    -Genitals do their final things
    -Placenta provides anti bodies
    -Due Date arrives