• 4 months pregnant

    4 months pregnant
    in the next few weeks you baby will double in size and height. hes almost 5 inches long and 3 and a half to four ounces. his bodyparts and brain are becoming more developed.
  • 5 months pregnant

    5 months pregnant
    your baby is now around the size of a bananna. hes10 and a half ounces and around 10 inches long from head to toe. he now has began to swallow meconium, which will become his first baby diaper !
  • 6 months pregnant

    6 months pregnant
    Your baby has began to grow more and is now about one pound. his brain and lungs are more developed also he has grown tastebuds for his first meal. He will start to grow skin and hair soon!
  • 7 months pregnant

    7 months pregnant
    By this week your child has grown up to 15 inches long. he can now see blink and hear everything inside the woom. his body is coming together and hes getting bigger by the minute, also you will feel him moving around alot !
  • 8 months pregnant

    8 months pregnant
    As of now your child is so big he has taken up almost all the space in your uteris. You will gain a pound every week and half of it will go to the baby. He now has skin, hair, toe nails and fingernails and is preparing to be rescued from the woom.
  • 9 months pregnant

    9 months pregnant
    By Now Your Child Is 20 inches long just about. its bones are not let grown together in place but he still will be normal and pressure. you will go into laber soon and get to meet your beautiful baby. good luck mom!
  • One Month Pregnant

    One Month Pregnant
    So Althought your one month pregnant its really only been two weeks, Your child is an embryo (size of a poppy sead) made of two layers of cells which will soon be organs and other body parts
  • two months pregnant

    two months pregnant
    Your baby is now about one inch long and around the size of a kidney bean. your babys skin and veins are clear and the heart is begining to pump. his head is growing a brain from ear to ear and hes turning into a placenta (:
  • three months pregnant

    three months pregnant
    Your Belly & Your baby Are Starting to Grow(: your breasts are tender and have grown. Your childs fingers and feet are growing and becoming webbed. Your child is two inches long and the size of a golf ball