Pre- Civil War

  • Wilmot's Proviso

    Wilmot was considered a racist, but even though he did not care for African Americans, he did not wan the new southern territories to become slave states. The Proviso passed several times but was never actully made a law.

    Popular Socerignty allows each territories to decied fro themselfs if slavery should be legal
  • Compromise of 1850

    California is now a part of the Union and in return that no federal laws would stop slavery in Utah or New Mexico. Fugitive slave Law is passed which makes Northerns return runaway slaves.

    Land in the Nebraska area was not looked at by settlers because the land was not claimable. The land was above the 36, 30 parallel where slavery was banded.

    Senator David Atchison was from Missouri and wanted its neighboring state to be a slave state. So he brought 1,700 men into Kansas to vote for the state to be a slave state. They were known as the Border Ruffians who said they would kill anyone aginst slavery.
  • Free State Hotel

    800 pro- slavery men marched into Lawrence. They destroied two news paper offices and threw the printing pressees into the near by river. And lastly they shot their cannons at the Free State Hotel crushing it to the groud.
  • Brooks and Summers

    Representative Preston Brooks beats Senator Charles Summers with his cane just two days after Summers game his speech. Broos wanted to give Summers a lession and kept beating him even after his cane broke.
  • The Pottawatomie Creek Massacre

    On this night five men were dragged out of their cabins and murdered by John Brown and his sons. A man who fought for the rights of slaves and hated the pro- slavery suporters. "Eye of an Eye"