pre-civil war

  • missouri compromise

    missouri compromise
    rather than risk the breakup of the union,congress came upwith a consisted of a line at 36 30 tha tsaid that nostates north could slave states
  • wilmot proviso

    wilmot proviso
    this said thatthe issue of slavery was not to be spoken about
  • california statehood

    california statehood
    california was admitted as a northern state
  • fugitive slave law

    fugitive slave law
    In 1850 Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law. The law stated that in future any federal marshal who did not arrest an alleged runaway slave could be fined $1,000. People suspected of being a runaway slave could be arrested and turned in to the poolice and jailed.
  • uncle toms cabin

    uncle toms cabin
    Uncle Tom's Cabin, is an anti-slavery novel by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe. Published in 1852
  • south carolina secedes

    south carolina secedes
    this event started the civil war
  • kansas-nebraska act

    kansas-nebraska act
    this act created the 30,35 line
  • lincoln-douglis debate

    lincoln-douglis debate
    this election was the one that lincoln lost
  • onstead manifesto

    onstead manifesto
    this event maddened southerners
  • charles sumner beaten

    charles sumner beaten
    Preston Brooks broke a cane over Sumner’s head and continued to strike him with pieces of the cane. The entire attack probably lasted for a full minute, and left Sumner dazed and bleeding.
  • harpers ferry raid

    harpers ferry raid
    john brown invaded her to make a statement agenst slavery
  • dred scott decision

    dred scott decision
    this case said that slavery was un constitunial
  • john brown invades pottawaome, kansas

    john brown invades pottawaome, kansas
    he invadad here to make a statement agenst slavery
  • abraham lincoln elected president of the U.S.

    abraham lincoln elected president of the U.S.
    this election angered southerners
  • attack on sumner kansas

    attack on sumner kansas