pre civil time line

Timeline created by dstowell
  • missori compromise

    missori compromise
    the missouri compromis is a debate over if missouri is a free or slave state they ruled that missouri be a slave state and that maine will be admitted as a free state.
  • fugitive slave law

    fugitive slave law
    the fugitive slave law says that any slave found trying to run must be braught back to the owner
  • wilmot proviso

    wilmot proviso
    The Wilmot Proviso was a proposal to prohibit slavery in the territory acquired by the United States at the conclusion of the Mexican War.
  • california state hood

    california state hood
    california was addmitted as a slave because of the out burst in slaves being rushed there after there descovery of gold.
  • uncle tom's cabin published

    uncle tom's cabin published
    uncle toms cabin is about a slave named uncle toms who is a slave and tries running away.
  • onsted manifesto

    onsted manifesto
    The Ostend Manifesto was a document written in 1854 that described the rationale for the United States to purchase Cuba from Spain while implying that the U.S. should declare war if Spain refused.
  • kansas nebraska act

    kansas nebraska act
    kansas nebraska act created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, opening new lands for settlement, and had the effect of repealing the Missouri Compromise of 1820 by allowing settlers in those territories
  • charles sumner beaton

    charles sumner beaton
    during a court trial involving slavery a senator looses his temper and brutily ausaulted senate member charles sumner
  • lincholn douglas debates

    lincholn douglas debates
    douglass a demacrat was running against lincholn which caused many contoversies and disputes.
  • dred scott decissoin

    dred scott decissoin
    Dred Scott (1795 – September 17, 1858), was a black American slave in the United States who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom and that of his wife and their two daughters in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case of 1857, popularly known as "the Dred Scott Decision.
  • harpers fairy

    harpers fairy
    Harpers Ferry is a historic town in Jefferson County, West Virginia, United States
  • john brown invades pottawatomie, kansas

    john brown invades pottawatomie, kansas
    John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) was an American revolutionary abolitionist, who in the 1850s advocated and practiced armed insurrection as a means to abolish slavery in the United States.
  • south carolina secedes

    south carolina secedes
    there is several issues over weather or not this state should be a slave state or not.
  • abraham lincholn elected president of the united states

    abraham lincholn elected president of the united states
    abraham lincoln was elected as the fourteenth president of the united states of america
  • fort sumter attack

    fort sumter attack
    The Battle of Fort Sumter (April 12–13, 1861) was the bombardment and surrender of Fort Sumter, near Charleston, South Carolina, that started the American Civil War.
  • raid on lawrence, kansas

    raid on lawrence, kansas
    the lawrence raid in kansas was when troops attack the town of lawrence as a battle is faught on the kansas border.