PPL's aid with Pheasant recovery programs

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    PPL Pheasant Program

  • Pheasants become in demand

    In the 1970s, hunting wild pheasants becomes popular. There are many pheasants in Pennsylvania at this time.
  • Decline of pheasants becomes obvious

    In the late 1980s, it is clear that the number of pheasants in Pennsylvania is slowly dwindling.
  • PPL and Game Commission Band Together

    Two local environmentalists (one at PPL and one at the commission) agree to prohibit hunting of pheasants on Montour Preserve property, in hopes of restoring pheasant numbers.
  • Pheasants arrive from Western states

    Wild ring-necked pheasants are brought in from Western states and released at several sites in Columbia, Montour and Northumberland counties including the PPL Montour Preserve.
  • Evidence the programs are working

    Environmentalists use hunting dogs to "flush" warm season grass and count multiple wild pheasants. This is evidence that the program is working and that the pheasants are taking to Montour Preserve.