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Power 3 Project: 2 Weeks Schedule

  • Leo:Start working on project timeline

    2 weeks project timeline: Will include description of roles for participants and due dates.
  • Leo: Research about simulations

    Recover as much information as possible from previous blackouts and present a diagram of the affected areas by stage.
  • Juan & Mc: Start working on Smartgrids research

    Smartgrids: Will include advantages and disadvantages of Smartgrids.
    Gather information about systems that could improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity.
  • Eduardo: Present Improvements to Abstract

    First Abstract must be improved to meet our project requirements. Must show clarity and readability
  • Leo: Project Timeline Due

  • Period: to

    Power 3 Project Timeline

  • All: Video Conference

    Meeting at 5pm. Discuss about any important information that could be crucial to generate better results.
  • Eduardo: Work on History of Blackouts in detail

    Will include important and catastrophic events that happened in big cities and affected thousands of people
  • Leo: Simulations Tests on Circuit Maker or Pspice

    I will try to accomodate simulations depending on the level of difficulty. If diagram shows parts that somehow can not be simulated I will present it as a picture or diagram
  • Leo: Present Simulations to Group

    Analyze and Run Simulations for testing purposes
  • All Group: Discuss how to perform on Presentation

    Points to discuss:
    - Time per person
    - Oral presentation's order
    -Other subtopics to discuss
    -Prepare ourselves for questions during presentation
  • Eduardo: Start Working on a conclusion for our project.

    Project Conclusion
  • Eduardo: Project Conclusion due

    Must explain overall project and accomplishments
  • All: Video Conference

    Will discuss about tasks developed so far and discusss about how we can improve it.
  • Leo: Final Simulations Due

    Flowchart of Data Analysis for Circuit Simulation. Diagrams must be able to explain by itself
  • Juan and MC: Smartgrids Research Due

    Smartgrids research will show improvements that could be made to actual methods used by big energy companies so that this type of events can be avoided.
  • 2nd Part of Project Due: Turn in to TA

    •Project Plan; Timeline, Milestone, Deliverable
    –The study will be conducted with proper project management.
    –Identify a project manager and time manager
    –Identify roles of each participant
    •Background Study & General Specifications.