Post production skills development

  • Research for camera and lighting

    I learnt and experimented with different camera angles and shots, and practised taking pictures to get good lighting also.
  • Swede

    I filmed and edited a remake of Titanic, This gave me some expreience at filming and learning what type of settings work well for lighting and camera angles.
    I learnt the importance of mise en scene, e.g costme, location, lighting... Post-production - The basic skills I learnt on Final cut pro were adding sound, Cutting footage, and adding transitions
  • Juno re-make

    I had my first go at using final cut pro and using the video cameras.
    I made a shot by shot re-make of a scene from Juno, and learnt the importance of making a precise storyboard.
    The basic skills I developed on Final cut pro, were cutting and fades such as dissolves, and adding an audio track. The development since the swede is how to make the timing look like ellipsis.
  • Prelim

    I made a match cut prelim to give an idea of the real thriller we were going to make.
    The most significant aspect of this that I developed in post-production is how to add in Titles onto the video. I decided for the prelim that I would use a black screen, to add to the suspense instead of layering the text on top of the footage.
  • Thriller

    This is when I put all of practise I had previously done into my real product.
    I had basic knowledge of what the production stages included, but the intense exprience of editing, and creating the thriller gave me many new skills.
    Some examples of the skills I learnt were filters e.g blur, the conventional order of titles, how to edit shot reverse shot effect, layering footage on top of eachother and changing the opacity, and how to create a video montage.
  • Music video remake

    I remade the Queen music video 'I want to break free', giving me practise of lip syncing editing, because it can be a challenge to get the footage in the exact timing of the music so the lip syncing is realistic looing. The shot by shot remake gave me ideas about what kind of (conventional) camera shots work for a music video.
  • Music video

    My music video is the point in my media A level that I have developed the most skills. I learnt lots of new skills on Final cut pro...Such as: How to reverse footage and change the timing (slow/ fast motion on the same piece of footage), I experimented with many new filters that I had not yet worked with, and I also learnt how to work with base tracks. - I found that once I had set them in order they were actually very helpful and made the editing process easier.
  • Ancillary Products

    I learnt a lot of new skills on Photoshop.
    This helped me make my musc video's advertisement and digipak professional looking... I developed skills of how to layer different images on top of each other, How to enhance the contrast to black and white, How to use the circle cutter tool to make it look 3D for the CD as if it were seperate from the CD case. I also learnt how to structure the page, using the rule of thirds...