Post-Classical Timeline

  • Period: 226 to Feb 5, 641

    Sasanid Dynasty

    -Sought to rebuild Achaemid Empire
    -Was a principal threat to the Roman Empire
  • Period: 330 to Feb 5, 1453

    Byzantine Empire

    -Part of the Roman Empire
    -Liked to expand borders
  • Period: Feb 5, 661 to Feb 5, 750

    Umayyad Dynasty

    -Arabic was the offical language
    -Used gold and silver coins
    -Capital Damscus, Syria
  • Period: Feb 11, 670 to Feb 11, 1025

    Kingdom of Srivijaya

    -They built a powerful navy and controlled commerce in southeast Asian waters
    -Maintained an all-sea trade route between China and India eliminating the need for the portage of trade goods across the Isthumus of Kra
  • Period: May 8, 732 to

    Carolingiaan Empire

    -Founder was Charles Martel ("Charles the Hammer")
    -A germanic Dynasty that was named after the most famous leader Charlemagne
  • Period: Feb 5, 740 to Feb 5, 1258

    Abbasid Dynasty

    -Toppled the Umayyad Dynasty
    -Very Cosmpolitian
    -Played large role in government
  • Period: Feb 6, 1100 to Feb 6, 1300

    Kingdom of Ghana

    -Had the most important commercial site in West Africa center for gold trade.
    -A regional state.
    -Merchants from Ghana also provided ivory and slaves for traders from North Africa
  • Period: Feb 6, 1100 to Feb 6, 1500

    Swahili Kingdom

    • they built a city out of coral. -the Swahili dominated the east African coast from Mogaadishu in the north to Kilwa, the Comoro Islands and th e Sofala in the south.
  • Period: Feb 6, 1200 to Feb 6, 1500

    Zimbabwe Kingdom

    -Best known kingdom
    -arised near Nyanda in the modern state of Zimbabwe
    - they built stone walls that were 5 meters thick and 10 meters tall.
  • Period: Feb 6, 1206 to Feb 6, 1526

    Delhi Sultanate

    -Most powerful state in the Islamic world
    -They introduced Monetary
  • Period: Feb 6, 1300 to Feb 6, 1500


    -Controled trade for West Africa.
    -Mansa Musa observed Islamic traditions by making his pilgrimages to Mecca
  • Period: Feb 9, 1300 to Feb 9, 1469

    The Mexica

    -About 1345 the Mexica Settled on an island in a marshy region of Lake Texecoro and founded the city that whould become their capital--Tenochtitlan.
    -Chinampas were very fertile land and very productive that they are able to harvest seven crops per year from their gardens.
  • Period: Feb 6, 1400 to Feb 6, 1500


    -Had a central goverment.
    -Six provencenses administered by Governors
  • Period: to

    Sui Dynasty

    -Emperors of the dynasty, placed big demands on their subjects in the course of building a strong centralized government.
    -The construced the Grand Canal which was the worlds largest project before modern times.
    -In 618 a disgrunted minister assassinated the emperor and brought the dynast to an end.
    -Sui Yangdi dependence on high taxes and froced labor generated hostility toward his rule.
  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

    -Survived for almost three hundred years
    -Tang rulers organized China into a powerful, productive, and prosperous society.
    -The equal-field system governed the allocation of agricultured land.
    - The last Tang emperor abdicated his throne, and the dynasty came to an end.
  • Period: to Feb 6, 1279

    Song Dynasty

    • Reimposed centerlized imperial rule in the late 10th century -The first Song emperor, began his career as a junior military officer serving one of the most powerful warlord in Northern China.
  • Period: to Feb 6, 1267

    Chola Kingdom

    -DId not have a centalized state they allowed considerable autonomy
    -Did not Collapsed complately just down sized in power
  • Period: to Apr 21, 1175

    Toltec Empire

    -Toltecs trapped the waters of the nearby River Tula to irrigate crops of maize, beans, peppers, tomatoes, chiles, and cotton.
    -Tula became an important center of weaving, pottery and obsidian work.
    -About 1125 CE the Toltec empire faced serious difficulties as conflicts between the different ethnic groups living at Tula led to civil strife.
  • Period: to Feb 11, 1431

    Kingdom of Angkor

    -The king that built Angkro Thom designed the city as a microcosmic reflection of the Hindu world order
    -During yur 12th century the Khmer Kings constructed a smaller but even more elaborate temple center at Angkor