Post 1900s Timeline

Timeline created by hvictry
In Music
  • Period: to


    traits: new harmonies, string-dominated orchestral/chamber music, melody and accompaniments
  • Period: to


    represents a subject as it appears in the real life
  • Period: to

    Charles Ives

    one of the greatest American composers of 1st half of the 20th century
  • Period: to

    Henry Cowell

    American innovator, non-western music, huge supporter of Charles Ives, invented chance music
  • Period: to

    George Auric

    member of Les Six group, neo-classicist, film music, and music journalist
  • Lieder vocal songs

    Became extremely popular in the 20th century
  • Javanese Gamelan

    percussive ensemble; collection of drums, gongs, xylophones, sometimes plucked string instruments and/or vocalists
  • Period: to

    Aaron Copeland

    composer, conductor, critic, and sponsor for concerts, mostly used tonal style
  • Period: to

    Elliot Carter

    American composer for 50 years, also a teacher
  • Expressionism

    more radical and atonal music
  • "The Rite of Spring"

    ballet, music by Stravinsky
  • Opera as musical drama

    In the early 20th century Strauss and Puccini were really prominent in opera as musical drama
  • Les Six

    group name by Henri Collet, group formed by Satie
  • 12 tone method

    12 chromatic scale tones, tone rows