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  • Thomad Edison creates phonograph

  • German inventor Emile Berliner's gramophone displaced the phonograph by utilizing the then mass produced flat discs such as LP records.

  • ew technology gave rise to electric record players which dominated the industry as it no longer relied on a manual hand crank.

  • 8-track tapes were the first attempts to bring music out of households onto the streets via automobiles. They are also known as the 'car audio'.

  • ony ushered in an era which completely altered the music industry when they popularised the Walkman 'Soundabout' - a portable audio cassette player capable of Hi-Fi stereo sound.

  • Again introduced by Sony together with Philips, glossy and shiny CD players, also known as the Discman, eventually replaced cassette players by the end of the 1980s with their superiority in sound quality and ability to skip tracks.

  • Rewritable CDs were introduced which allowed for mixed CDs, boosting the popularity of Discmans.

  • The dawn of the MPMan was the first flash mp3 player to be released by a Korean company which allowed high quality digital music recording that could be transferred from computers to portable layers.

  • ompaq introduced the first hard-drive based mp3 player which deviated from the flash drive norm.

  • Apple joined the market with the iPod Classic comprising of 5/10GB of space and a mechanical scroll wheel.

  • iPod Classic Generation 2 pioneered the use of touch sensitive controls to scroll through playlists. Zen Touch followed.

  • Like Discmans and minidiscs, mp3 players become smaller with the emergence of players such as iPod Mini, Nano and even Shuffle.

  • iPod Video, Zen Vision, iRiver and several other brands of players successfully introduce video playbacks on their players which Archos failed to realise earlier.

  • iPod Touch marks a whole new beginning for the media player industry with never before heard capabilities, legal third party applications and organisation tools all fully controlled by a touch screen.