Popplet PD Session

  • Introduction to Popplet in EDUC 8Y24

  • Period: to

    Use Poppet to plan Grade 5 Science Human Body Unit

  • Begin thinking about utilizing Popplet for PD Session

    I thought about how useful Popplet was in my planning and thought how much I would have loved to been using this tool throughout my educational career.
  • Consulted Zoe about the Tech Showcase and using Popplet in the Classroom

    Discussed with Zoe the possibility of integrating Popplet with Google in order to fit the session into the established Tech Showcase format.
  • Tech Showcase Meeting with Zoe and Kyle

    Discussed format of the sessions and what we should expect.
  • Period: to

    Planning PD Session and utilizing ADDIE process

  • Period: to


    Go over everything to make sure that everything I need is prepared for my PD session. I will make sure that my learning object is complete and useful and make sure that my tool demonstration and practice activity reflect my learning goals.
  • Meet with Zoe

    Zoe is going to help me to understand how to embed Popplet's into Google.
  • Practice for Tech Showcase

    During Tech Leadership we will be given time to practice setting up and make sure that we have everything prepared for our PD session.
  • Tech Showcase Event

    Popplet in the Classroom will be taking place at a table during the first Google session of the day.