Political Party Timeline

Timeline created by estraalf000
  • Democrats: Martin Van Buren

    Democrats: Martin Van Buren
    The Democrats held a Strict Constitution of the Constitution in 1840. With the help of Government's interference with the spread of Slavery. The Fedral funding of Internal Improvements.
  • Democrats: James K. Polk

    Democrats: James K. Polk
    Democrats wanted to desire the annexation of Texas. Also they wanted to take control over The Oregon Territory and share with England as well. They ended up nominating James K. Polk to favoe Westward expansion.
  • Whigs: Zachary Taylor

     Whigs: Zachary Taylor
    The Whigs split by annexation from the Mexican War. They decided to do this damage and offset this damage by declaring Zachary Taylor. Zachary ended up until 1848 he had vary little to do with politics.
  • Free Soil Party: John P. Hale

    Free Soil Party: John P. Hale
    The only Policical group to free soldiers officially. They demanded to repeal the law of Fugitive Slave. Later on they opposed the admission of slave states.
  • Republicans: John C. Fremont

    Republicans: John C. Fremont
    The Republican Party grew to the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854. Later on overrode Missouri Compromise later than allwoed Slavery to spread into the Western territory. Anti-Nebraska men included no more Slavery and Whigs.
  • Republicans: Abraham Lincoln

    Republicans: Abraham Lincoln
    The Republican party made anti- Slavery to happen and whigs. The it became moderate for the exclusion of Slavery then announed John Brown's raid. The platform absourded Protective Tariff, The Homestead Act and internal improvements.