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Pocahontas by Caroline

  • Born and Raised

    Born and Raised
    Pocahontas was born around 1595,she lived with her
    father Chief Powhatan.
  • English Settlers Come

    English Settlers Come
    The English settlers came to the town were Pocahontas
    lived. They wanted to take the land.
  • Settlers Captured Pocahontas

    Settlers Captured Pocahontas
    She was captured, the settlers taght Pocahontas how to
    write and speak Engish.
  • Later Years

    Later Years
    Pocahontas taught the English about her people. Then
    she got married to an Englishman named John Rolfe.
  • Today

    Helped to make peace with the English settlers. Citation:
    Pocahontas. Pebble Go. April 2013.