500px tectonic plate boundaries

Plate Tectonic Theories

  • Abraham ortelius

    Abraham ortelius
    Thought America, eurasia, and africa were once joined and were separated by floods and earthquakes.
  • Period: to

    Nicolaus Steno

    The Law of Superposition: That newer layers form atop older layers.
  • James Hutton

    James Hutton
    The geoloical forces at work in the present day are the same as those that operated in the past. e used Steno's laws to develope this theory.
  • Alfred Wegener

    Alfred Wegener
    Continental drif theory: Noticed that there were different glacial deposits in South America and Africa. Fossils often indicate a cimate very different from the climate of today.
  • Aurthur Holmes

    Aurthur Holmes
    He predicted that convection currents within the Earth's mantle are driven by radioactive heat might furnish the mechanism for the Continental drift theory.
  • Harry Hess

    Harry Hess
    Came up with the sea floor spreading theory. Idea that the seafloor itself moves and carries continents with it as it expands from a central point.
  • Dan Mckenzie

    Theory of plate tectonics-combination of continental drift and sea floor spreading