Bermuda triangle: Strange disappearances.

Timeline created by Sofia Arizpe
  • Legend of Ellen Austin

    Legend of Ellen Austin
    Legend has it that the Ellen Austin, a ship sailing from Liverpool to New York, encountered another 'ghost ship' in the Bermuda Triangle, and things went wrong.
  • Joshua Slocum

    Joshua Slocum
    The first man to sail alone in the world, he disappeared on a journey from Martha's Vineyard to South America.
  • American Fuel Ship

    American Fuel Ship
    The largest and fastest fuel tanker in the US Navy, the USS Cyclops, disappeared en route from the Caribbean to Baltimore with 309 crew members and left no trace of what had happened.
  • USS Proteus

    USS Proteus
    A Navy ship named USS Proteus was carryin 58 passengers and a cargo of ore from St. Thomas to the east coast when it suddenly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. A month later, another similar vessel, the USS Nereus, disappeared with 61 people while on the same route.
  • Flight 19

    Flight 19
    The legend of the Bermuda triangle begin to take hold even further when five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers took off from a naval base in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean before completing their mission.
  • Commercial Flight DC-3

     Commercial Flight DC-3
    A commercial DC-3 flight disappeared over the Triangle with 29 passengers and two crew members en route to Miami.
    80 km before reaching the city, he radioed Miami airport to receive landing instructions. But the radio only found silence, and the plane was never seen again.
  • Star Tiger

    Star Tiger
    a British Avro Tudor plane nicknamed 'Star Tiger' disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle without a trace. Twenty-five passengers and six crew members were on board, and no remains or information was found.
  • Star Ariel

    Star Ariel
    A G-AGRE plane nicknamed 'Star Ariel' left Bermuda for Kingston, Jamaica. The flight suddenly lost communications when it switched to the Kingston frequency while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Although the weather was clear and the flight appeared to be on its way, he was never seen or heard from again.
  • SS Marine Sulphur Queen

     SS Marine Sulphur Queen
    A large tanker with 39 passengers and molten sulfur was last seen off the southern coast of Florida. After more than two weeks of searching, the rescue team only found a few pieces of debris and life preservers.
  • Sylvia L. Ossa

    Sylvia L. Ossa
    The crew of the Sylvia L. Ossa became victims of the mysteries of the Triangle when the ship suddenly disappeared with 37 people on board. Although debris was found, including several life preservers and a boat, the ship was never seen again.
  • Virgin islands

     Virgin islands
    An experienced pilot named Irving Rivers left the US Virgin Islands on a solo flight to pick up a group of passengers in St. Thomas. The weather was calm and Rivers was only 1 mile from landing when its signal lights suddenly disappeared from radar. A search team was dispatched to find it, but the plane did not appear again.
  • Bahamas Islands

     Bahamas Islands
    A Cessna plane departing from Fort Lauderdale and headed for an island in the Bahamas, disappeared completely from radar signals before falling into the ocean. No radio signals were emitted, and although a woman claimed to have seen the plane sink into the water, the wreckage was never found.