pittsburgh steelers history

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  • 1969 NFL Draft

    1969 NFL Draft
    Mean Joe Greene got drafted by the pittsburgh steelers
  • super bowl IX

    super bowl IX
    won the superbowl one of many
  • Jack Lamber changes superbowl

    Jack Lamber changes superbowl
    steelers kicker issed FG and got hit and landed on his head jack lamber grabbed the guy and threw him to the ground and they ended up winning the super bowl
  • Big Ben

    Big Ben
    The man Big ben was drafted in 2004 and is still running on all cylinders to this day
  • AFC Divisonal round

    AFC Divisonal round
    betis fumbles the ball nick harper returning the fuble ben saves the day makes the tackle
  • Heath Miller

    Heath Miller
    Heath is easily one of the best TE in the game does good things on and off the field
  • Antonio brown

    Antonio brown
    Picked in the 2010 nfl draft
  • bell

    Bell drafted in 2013 start of a good run
  • JuJu smithschuster drafted

    JuJu smithschuster drafted
    juju is drafted by the steelers
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Minkah Fitzpatrick
    after fitzpatrick was drafted by the dolphins we traded for him ever since we got him our defense has a excellent secondary he really brings the team together