Pittsburgh Pirates history and their tattooed fans

  • Pittsburgh Pirates World Series victory over the Baltimore Orioles

    The Pirates won their 5th World Series. This was the last one they have won.
  • Anonymous #1

    This person has a Pirates tattoo, and he was born in 1982. Yes, he is able to remember seeing a winning season, but since his birth, the Pirates have had only 6 winning seasons. *DATES ARE NOT EXACT. ONLY THE YEAR*
  • Anonymous #3

    They have gotten a Pirates tattoo and have barely seen any winning seasons. In fact, they probably can't remember them at all. *DATES ARE NOT EXACT. ONLY THE YEAR*
  • Anonymous #6

    1990: what a good time to be a Pirates fan. They were having great seasons, yet were having difficulties winning in the playoffs though. Nowadays, people will be happy for a season like that. This person is unable to remember these times, but that didn't stop their ink! *DATES ARE NOT EXACT. ONLY THE YEAR*
  • Anonymous #5

    Oh 1991. It has to feel good knowing you were at least alive and not the curse of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Still, they need to show off their skin-deep pride for the team with their tattoo! *DATES ARE NOT EXACT. ONLY THE YEAR*
  • Anonymous #4

    AH yes, 1992. While this person was alive for a winning season, they do not remember it at all. Has that stopped their pride, nope! *DATES ARE NOT EXACT. ONLY THE YEAR*
  • Pirates winning season

    This was the last time the Pirates have had a winning season.
  • Anonymous #2

    This person was born the same year as me and has missed all of the Pirates winning seasons, yet the dedication is there with his tattoo. *DATES ARE NOT EXACT. ONLY THE YEAR*
  • My birth

    I have a Pirates tattoo and I have never seen a winning season. My birthday will be the only one published to date and with a name to keep all other responces anonymous.