Piano petrof


  • First piano ever made

    First piano ever made
    In Florence, Italy Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the first piano ever. He invented the "pianoforte" (soft and loud). The new piano design by Bartolomeo Cristofori was a wooden frame of a harpsichord and had a unique keyboard. The instrument was named "Gravicembalo col piano e forte". The piano was like a table with keys that sounded different and not in order.
  • The pedal

    The pedal
    A bulider named Gottfried Silbermann, known as an organ bulder made the piano pedals witch made the sound of the piano different. A famous musician anmed Johann Sebastian Bach didn't like that idea. After a while he served an agent to sell Silbermann's pianos.
  • In Viennese School

    In Viennese School
    Piano making grew, including Johann Andreas Stienand many others who worked in Viennese School and maked pianos. They were made out of wood. Mozart composed piano songs on that kind of piano.
  • Tall cabinet piano

    Tall cabinet piano
    The very tall cabinet piano was intruduced in 1805. Robert Wornum invented that kind of piano that was used through the 18th cenutry. The piano had strings arrengedvertically, on a continuous frame with bridges nearly on the floor.
  • Over-stringing

    Over-stringing was invented by Jean-Henri Pape, and first patented for grand pianos in U.S by Henry Stienway Jr. in 1859. It can also be called cross-stringing. That is a method of arranging piano strings, so that the strings are placed vertically overlapping
  • The single piece cast iron frame

    The single piece cast iron frame
    The single piece cast iron frame was patented in Boston by a man named Alpheus Babcock. He also patented a system of stringing in squares. He also made different instruments and pianos.
  • Square pianos

    Square pianos
    Square pianos were built in the year of 1840 in Europe, after in 1890 it was was improved in America. A square piano has horizontal strings arranged diagonally across the rectangulare case above the hammerd, and with the keyboard set in the long side. As the years changed, the square piano had better sounds and it's look.
  • Sostenuto pedal

    Sostenuto pedal
    The first sostenuto pedal was invented by Jean Louis Boisselot and after it was improved by Steinway firm. On a modern grand piano with three pedals, the middle one is usually a sostenuto pedal. It makes a extremely quiet sound.