Phase 1: New England & America Battles

  • Lexington Battle

    Where?: The Lexington Battle occured in Lexington, Massachusetts, on April 19th 1775.
    Why?: The Lexington Battle was fought to "put the foot down" on resistance in other colonies. Also to punish Massachusetts.
    Who Won?: Unfortunetly for America, the British won the Lexington Battle; British leaving 49 people killed, 39 wounded. The American leader was Captain Jo
    What was Affected?: This made the Americans'back up their political beliefs.
  • Concord's Battle

    Where?: Concord, Massachusetts, on April 19th 1775, with Captain John Parker as the Americans' leader.
    Why?: Because an unknown person shot at a British fighter; that shot began the Battle of Concord. Also, the British wanted to "clamp" down on resistance in the other colonies.
    Who Won?: The British won, making Americans choose sides between America or Britian.
    Picture: This is the Americans walking over a bridge to begin the battle with the British.
  • Fort Ticonderoga's Battle

    Where?: This battle happened in Fort Ticonderoga, New York. With the American leader, Ethan Allen.
    Why?: This battle occured due to the Americans' wnating to capture the British fort and drag the cannons back to Boston.
    Who Won?: The Americans' won, which affected them by giving them more weapons from the fort.
    Picture: This is a picture of part of the battle of Fort Ticonderoga, showing a British and American solider.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    Where?: The Battle of Bunker Hill occured at Charlestown, Massachusetts on June 16th, 1775. General William Howe leading the British.
    Why?: This battle was fought because the British wanted Americans' off Breed Hill.
    Who Won?: The British won, causing them to lose over 1,000 men through death and other injuries.
    Picture: In this picture, you can see the British soliders marching up Bunker Hill, with many dead bodies laying around. This shows how the battles were really fought.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Where?: Quebec City, Province of Quebec. With the Americans lead by Benedict Arnold;British lead by Captain William DeLaPlace.
    Why?: The Battle of Quebec occured due to Americans wanting to defeat British forces and draw Canadians into the Patriotic cause.
    Who Won?: Americans failed, lowering their hopes of winning their independence. The Canadians also chose the British' side.
    Picture: This photo is of the Battle of Quebec, showing where all the Americans were & British on battlefield.
  • British Retreat from Boston (Jan.-March 1776)

    Where?: Boston, Massachussetts. General Washington leading Americans, General Howe leading the British.
    Why?: Because the Americans' felt they would be able to force out the British from Boston.
    Who Won?: The Americans (Boston) won, but lost many of their homes and valubles through destruction. British would never return.
    Picture: The picture shown is of the Americans' strategy used to force British out of Boston, which ultimately worked.