• Day 1, Part 1: The Beginning

    Let's say, book begins. Brooke and Zeke, who are best friends and who both like scary movies, books, etc., check out the cast list for
    thier schools, new play The Phantom. They have the lead parts of The Phantom (Zeke), and Esmerelda (Brooke), who is supposed to fall in love with the Phantom (Just so you know the story).
  • Period: to

    Unknown Time: Ignore all the Dates

  • Day 1, Part 2: The Curse

    Brooke, Zeke, and the rest of the play's cast hear about the dreaded curse on the play. Is it true? Or just fabrication?
  • Day 1, Part 3: The History of the Play

    The play's cast learn about the secret trapdoor in the auditorium.
    It was built for the original playing of The Phantom, which was never performed because it's lead star dissapeared mysteriously.
  • Day 1, Part 4: Sneaky!

    Brooke and Zeke sneakily stay in the auditorium after rehearsal
    so they can test out the cool secret trapdoor. But it goes lower than it should, lower and lower, into a strange dark passage. They manage to escape, though.
  • Day 1, Part 5: What is the Truth?

    Brooke and Zeke meet the so-called "night janitor" that has never
    been seen in the school before. He looks like a phantom, and is
    very mysterious....
  • Day 2, Part 1: Who is he REALLY?

    Brooke meets the new kid, at school, Brian.
  • Day 2, Part 2: What's That in my Locker?

    The first of many strange things happens, Zeke's ugly mask he uses to scare people appears in Brooke's locker, with a note saying, "Stay away from my home sweet home." Is it truly Zeke's fault? Or is it the Phantom?
  • Day 2, Part 3: The Phantom Strikes!

    The Phantom appears during rehearsal. He swoops down from
    the ceiling, lands on the trapdoor, activates it, and dissapears.
    Everyone thinks it's Zeke, until when the trapdoor comes back
    up, it's empty. (DUN DUN DUNNN!!!)
  • Day 3, Part 1: The Phantom Strikes (Again)!

    The next rehearsal, The Phantom strikes once more. He appears, coming up from the trapdoor platform, but he's not Zeke, like it should be! It's someone, who says in Brooke's ear. "Stay away. Stay away from my home sweet home!", just like the note! Then,
    the Phantom escapes! Meanwhile, Zeke appears at the side of the stage.
  • Day 3, Part 5: The Truth?

    The "truth" dawns on them: There's a REAL PHANTOM trying to stop thier play! But who, or what, is it? Another truth dawns on them after they ask the school secretary: the school HAS no night janitor. So who is that mysterious old guy?
  • Day 3, Part 6: More Truth, or is it?

    Zeke calls Brooke that night and they guess that the so-called "night janitor" has got to be their phantom.
  • Day 4, Part 1: The Most Common Adult Reaction

    Brooke and Zeke have a private talk with their teacher / play director and tell her that there is a real phantom in the school, trying to stop the play. Of course, she doesn't believe them.
  • Day 4, Part 2: Game Over!

    Brooke and Zeke, along with Brian, decide to find out who the Phantom actually is. Instead, they find the stage backdrop is ruined by red paint that spells out, "Stay away from my home sweet home." Again? Just then, at the worst time possible, their teacher finds out what happened after bursting in. A red paint trail somehow leads to Zeke's
    locker, so he is falsely accused and removed from the play, and grounded.
  • Day 5, Part 1: Glue is Dangerous

    During Saturday rehearsal, someone glues the teacher / play director's script together. She cancels the play, then changes her mind and the show will go on.
  • Day 5, Part 2: Retry?

    Brooke, Zeke, and Brian try once more to find out the truth about the phantom, so they sneak in once more (The school must have bad security). They sneak into the auditorium and go down the trapdoor. Using flashlights as illumination, they search the strange underground passage that shouldn't exist, and then the trapdoor goes up without them. So they continue to search, find a living quarters, get locked in an underground room, Then the "night janitor" who is not a night janitor comes.
  • Day 5, Part 3: The Truth

    The not-really-a-night-janitor reveals he lives in the old-fashioned underground living quarters because he's actually homeless. Then, he goes all menacing and scares away Brooke, Zeke and Brian. They escape! Of course, Zeke's dad is waiting at the top of the trapdoor. Brooke, Zeke, and Brian explain to him about the homeless guy under the school. The
    police come and search the underground area, but the hobo escaped.
  • Day 6, Part 1: The Truth! I Mean It!

    The Phantom appears during the play's performance. Brooke pulls his mask off, he falls down the open trapdoor from where he appeared, screams as he falls, and dies for the 2nd time. After looking throught school yearbooks later that day, they find out who the Phantom really is: Brian.