Pete, Michael, and Johnny's Timeline

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    first thought of the atom
  • Torricelli, Evangelista

    Torricelli, Evangelista
    link text Invented the mercury barometer
  • Boyle, Sir Robert

    Boyle, Sir Robert
  • Scheele, C.W.

    Scheele, C.W.
    link text Discovered chlorine, tartaric acid, metal oxidation, and sensitivity of silver compounds to light
  • Le Blanc, Nicholas

    Le Blanc, Nicholas
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    Invented the process from making soda ash from sodium sulfate, limestone and coal
  • Thomsons Atomic Model

    Thomsons Atomic Model
  • Bohr's atomic model

    Bohr's atomic model
  • rutherfolds atmoci model

    rutherfolds atmoci model
  • Daltons atmoic model

    Daltons atmoic model