Old computer

Personal Computers

  • Osborn Computers

    Osborn Computers
    The Osborn Computer was made in the US, and it was sold for $1800. It was the first portable computer, with built-in 5-inch monitor.
  • Apple Macintosh

    Apple Macintosh
    Apple Computer created the Apple Macintosh with a 9-inch monitor for $2000.
  • Macintosh Portable

    Macintosh Portable
    This was the fist portable computer, created by Apple Computer.
  • Power Macintosh

    Power Macintosh
    Apple ships the Power Macintosh, using 60 to 80 megahertz processor.
  • Tablet PC

    Tablet PC
    It was the first tablet to hit the public market. The tablet did not sell very well, and it inspired Macintosh to tell Apple that the Ipad wouldn't work.
  • Macbook

    The macbook is a major laptop computer series. The series started in 2006, and new forms are coming out today.
  • Computers in 10 years

    I believe computers will become thiner in the coming years. I believe they will also have larger screens. I think computers will have projectors, to create a more immersive experience. I also believe their processing speed and graphics will be upgraded.
  • Computers in 20 years

    I believe computers will start becoming haloprojections in 20 years. I believe it will cost lots of money, but rich people will be able to afford it. I think they will also become more immersive and more enhancive. They will always be creating more advanced operating system.
  • Computers in 50 years

    In 50 years, I think we could have completely voice operated systems in our homes. I think it would be possible for us to have one closet with computer running equipment, and our house would be turned into a computer. I believe computers will be able to be accessed form anywhere in the home.