• Period: to

    1889- 2019

  • 1889 first Pepsi logo

    1889 first Pepsi logo
    The Pepsi company was created in 1889, this was the first logo presented to the public
  • 1906 new logo

    1906 new logo
    This ls the updated logo from the old 1889 logo, this logo tells the customer what the product is and is more appealing.
  • 1940's Logo change

    1940's Logo change
    This new logo changed to a much more modern look, it is simple almost back to the first logo but looking more modern.
  • 1960 New logo change

    1960 New logo change
    This logo is very famous and gave the name to what is now just Pepsi not Pepsi-cola
  • 1965

    Pepsi starts to own Lays potato chips, this is a big step to the company getting into new things creating more money and broadening out the company.
  • 1970 new logo change

    1970 new logo change
    This new logo took the old one from the 60's ad put a modern spin on it, appealing to all people
  • 1991 New logo change

    1991 New logo change
    This is a whole new spin to the company of Pepsi and this logo has stood through time and is very famous.
  • 1998 logo change

    1998 logo change
    This new logo was the logo that was on the break of a new century so this logo looks futuristic.
  • 2000

    Pepsi buys the Gatorade company which is another big steep to let the company branch out
  • 2001

    Pepsi starts to own quacker oats, which is making the Pepsi company be in many thing that we did not know that they owned.
  • 2005 logo change

    2005 logo change
    This logo change is appealing to people because of the way that the logo looks refreshing, it is a new spin onto the companies image.
  • 2019 logo

    2019 logo
    This is the most simple, and modern look to the company and everyone knows that the image of the company because it is so simple