Pennsylvanian Epoch

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  • Period: to

    Pennsylvanian Epoch

  • Period: to

    Gzhelian Stage

    an age in the ICS geologic timescale or a stage in the stratigraphic column. It is the youngest stage of the Pennsylvanian, the youngest subsystem of the Carboniferous
  • Carbon pools present throughtout time period

  • Tetrapods Present

  • Streptognathodus Isolatus present

  • Period: to

    Kasimovian Stage

    This stage is a geochronologic age or chronostratigraphic stage in the ICS geologic timescale. It is the second stage in the Pennsylvanian (late Carboniferous),
  • All modern classes of fungi were present

  • Rugosofusulina

  • The amniote egg evolved, allowing for further exploitation of the land by tetrapods

  • Fusulinid Biozone of Obsoletes Obsoletes

  • Streptoghathodus Zethus is present

  • collapse of the rainforest ecology

  • Period: to

    Moscovian Stage

    Moscovian is in the ICS geologic timescale a stage or age in the Pennsylvanian. It is the third, or second youngest, subdivion in the Carboninferous Age.
  • Limstone is present

  • First Appearance of Amonite Genus

  • Reptiles underwent a major evolutionary radiation because of the rainforest collapse

  • Period: to

    Bashkirian Stage

    Bashkirian is in the ICS geologic timescale and is the lowest stage or oldest age of the Pennsylvanian Period.
  • appearance of the conodont (a primitive chordate with tooth-shaped fossil remains)

  • Appearance of the first Fusulinids

  • Sauropsids, the earliest forms of reptiles, are Present