paul klee artist study

  • birth of paul klee

  • Period: to

    paul klee

  • music talents

    klee was invited to play with bern music at age 11
    date uknown only year
  • turning to arts

    as a teen paul klee turned more to music date unknown
  • starting college at the academy of fine arts

    date unknown
  • paul klee was married

    paul klee married lily stumph and they had one son named felix paul
  • der blaue reiter

    Alfred Kubin met paul Klee in Munich switzerland and encouraged him to illustrate voltaire's candide day of january unknown
  • military time

    date unknown
  • Period: to

    paul klee in military

    timespan date unknown unable to tell when paul klee started and finished his military career
    i only know the years
    this is when paul klee did some of his best art
  • military retirement

    date unknown
  • disease took effect

    date unknown
  • Period: to

    paul klee's last few years with scleroderma

    this is when paul klee did his best art
  • tod und feuer

    date unknown
    one of his last and his most famous painting tod und feuer
  • death of paul klee

    paul klee suffered from a wasting disease called scleroderma