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patricia arreguin's timeline

  • Jul 19, 1374

    francesco petrarcer

    he died age 67 he was famous
  • Jul 19, 1545

    roger grenville

    he drowned
  • lizzie burden

    she was murdered
  • garret wesley

    he died he was a famous composer
  • sygman rhee

    first president of south korea
  • parents

    parents got married
  • sister

    her birth day
  • i was born

    i was born
    i was a baby
  • my grandparents

    my grandparents
    they died
  • florida

    i move every year to florida
  • my first puppy

    my first puppy
    she was a black lab it was a girl
  • i learned

    i learned to ride a bike
  • my cuzin

    my cuzin
    my cuzin had no belly button and he was born with asthma
  • samuel colt

    famous inventer died