Pat Summitt

By fabkha2
  • Early Life

    She was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. Pat Summitt grew up with three older brothers Tommy, Charles, and Kenneth.
  • Period: to

    Pat Summitt's Life

  • Beginning

    Summitt and her family moved to Henrietta to play basketball. Went to college at UOT and played for the women's basketball team. Later she co-captained the US Women's National Olympic Basketball team winning silver medal.
  • Organizing

    Pat Summitt was named head coach of the Lady Vols in Tennessee after she graduated fro UOT.
  • Controlling

    Pat Summitt continued to push her team to win more championships. the Lady Vols went 25-6, and avenged their championship game loss to Old Dominion by defeating them three times. The team made it to the AIAW Final Four for the third straight year;
  • Planning

    Pat Summitt coached US Women's team to the Olympic Gold Medal, becoming the first U.S. Olympian to win a basketball medal and coach a medal-winning team.
  • Staffing

    First year of head-coaching, four of her players were younger than her. She coached her first game against Mercer University.
  • Leading

    Pat Summitt led her team to winning the Tennessee College Women’s Sports Federation Eastern District Championship for the third straight year and training as the co-captain of the 1976 U.S. Women's Olympic basketball team. Starting with the 1976-77 season,
  • Entrepreneur

    Pat Summitt talks to one of her teamates in the championship game. She talks to her about changing how she's playing in the game and give her pointers to improve in the game.
  • Negotiating

    Pat Summit recruited about eight players on her Tennessee team. She negotiated with other high schoolers and college students to join in on the game.
  • Figurehead

    Pat Summitt meets with her fans and greets them before championship game against Marquette.
  • Human Relations

    Pat Summitt works well with all her co-managers and assistants to improve the team to win more championships.
  • Conceptional

    Pat Summit sees a problem with one of her players not playing well. She calls them over and solves the problem.
  • Technical

    Candance Parker recovered from her injuries in the 2005-2006 season. Pat Summitt worked hard with Candence to help her improve her game. She later became the star player in the championhips.
  • Spokesperson

    Pat Summutt talks about her winning team and how ESPY named the Lady Volv co-team of the decade. She also brags about how her team won another SEC title. Also, two courts had been named after her and has been awarded Sportswomen of the year, one of the 50ist greatest coaches.
  • Accomplishents

    Lady Volvs at the White House after winning their consecutive national championship.
  • Monitor

    Pat Summit monitors the Lady Volvs with the help with her assistant coach while Pat Summitt is dealing with Alzheimers disease.
  • Leadership

    Lady Volvs basketball team contributed their winnigng to the Alzheimers disease. Pat Summitt had been diagnosed with it too and decided to retire from coaching
  • Presidental Award

    Pat Summitt is awarded the Presidental Medal of Freedom