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  • How Pasteurization Got Its Name

    How Pasteurization Got Its Name
    Louis Pasteur investigated the effects of fermentation on that of living organisms. He wanted to know how to prevent milk and wine from going sour and this research helped Pasteur formulate his "germ theory of disease." This led to the development of a process in which heat is used to kill bacteria. Which is called “pasteurization.”
  • Experiment.

    Louis Pasteur and his friend Claude Bernard conducted an experiment to test Pasteur's theory that heat could be used to kill moulds and bacteria in fermenting milk.
  • Pasteurization

    Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization, a method of killing harmful bacteria in beverage and food products
  • Pasteurizers.

    In 1882, the first commercial pasteurizers were produced.
  • Pasteurization

    Work is now being done on pasteurization of milk, cream, and whey
  • First U.S. Milk Processing Plant

    First U.S. Milk Processing Plant
    The first U.S. milk processing plant to install pasteurization equipment was the Sheffield Farms Dairy in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
  • Law.

    In 1908, the first law to require the pasteurization of milk was passed in Chicago.
  • Milk Container

    Milk Container
    The first plastic milk container was commercially introduced.