Pandemics in human history

  • 542

    Plague of Justinian (Bubonic plague) 541-542 Ac

    Plague of Justinian (Bubonic plague) 541-542 Ac
    The first major pandemic, that destroyed the Byzantine Empire was the Yersinia pestis is the name of the bacterium is a pathogen carried by rats and transferred to humans through fleas.
    25 to 50 million people had died a quarter of population then.
  • 1347

    Black dead 1347 - 1351

    Black dead 1347 - 1351
    After 800 years in Sicily, ships returned to the shores with sailors stricken by mysterios illnes, this diseas is one of the most terrified pandemic, with this the Venetians banned sailors from their cities from 40 days in english called quarentine.
    100 to 200 million dead
  • 1521

    Pandemic in America

    Pandemic in America
    Europeans had many diseases like measles, chiken pox, and smallpox, that killed millions over centuries. In America with the become of the Spanish they exposed to the native americans to this diseases, One of the reazons of the Colonize
    20 million of dead
    (The date is of the conquest of Tenochtitlan)
  • Spanish flu 1918-1920

    Spanish flu 1918-1920
    Impacted young adults the hardest half of those that died were between the ages of 20 and 40.
    50 to 100 million deads
  • Covid 19

    Covid 19
    In the end of 2019, In Wu han chinese is detected the first case of covid 19 in a wet market, actually at today the coronavirus claime thousands of lives, mainly from unvaccinated people.
    5.24 million