PA History

By jsabol4
  • The Birth

    The Birth
    William Penn was born in London
  • The Signing

    The Signing
    The King signed the Charter of Pennsylvania to Penn.
  • The Visit.

    The Visit.
    He visited Philadelphia, just laid out as the capital city, created the three original counties, and summoned a General Assembly to Chester.
  • The War.

    The War.
    The French efforts to establish control over the upper Ohio Valley led to the last and conclusive war, the French and Indian War.
  • The Natives.

    The Natives.
    Penn and his heirs chose not to grant or settle any part of it witout first buying the claims of the Natives Americans who lived there.
  • The Largest.

    The Largest.
    The province of Pennsylvania had become the third largest English colony in America, though next to the last to be founded.
  • The Good.

    The Good.
    Penn and his wife were honorary citizens of the United States and were granted honorary citizenship of Pennsylvania.