PA history

  • The First Settlement on the east Coast

    First Settlement in America: Jamestown, VA 1607. Hollands hired Henry Hudson to explore in 1609, some of the northern colonies are, New Netherlands, New England, he middle colonie is Virginia, and the southern colonies are New Spain and Spanish Florida.
  • Dutch Explorers

    in 1609, Hendrickson sails up the Delaware river and discovers the Schuylkill River on his return. Later on that year, the Dutch established fort Beversrede. modern day Phildelphia. The dutch accomplished trade with the natives, and trade post, trade routes..etc.
  • Sweden's accompishments

    They established permanent towns in Pa.. they called then Tinicm island. Along with these homes, they did homes, schools, churches, businesses.. a great start to a new town. They brought crops in from Europs.. Corn, pumkins, beans, normal crops to survive with.
  • Sweden

    Gustavus Adolphus wanted a colony in the new world with the Dutch help. In this year Queen Christina hired Peter Minuet to lead the expedition, Minuet was successful, and bought Manhattan of the Indians for trinkets. The value of it was only twenty four dollars.. not that much now.
  • English Control

    Hollands and England fight in war and Europe and englands wins, which gives the all the Holland colonies.
  • The Great Law

    The Basis for goverment in early America is formed. Four
    major ideas of the Great Law:
    All religions welcome: only Christians can hold office
    They werent allowed to work on Sundays
    Prisons became work houses: in England they were lockups
    Only murder and treason punishable by death: in England over 200 crimes punishable by death